For anyone not from Australia, or really anyone at all, because nobody in Australia speaks like this anymore, here is an explanation of some of the more mystifying slang terms and phrases in the trailer for SWDU.

Nugget: (voiceover): Well, well, well. Look what the flamin’ cat’s dragged in. I always knew you’d be back Merv.

Merve: Flamin’ ‘ell!

Merve: G’day! Merve Bushwacker!

G’day is a shortening of Good day, of course meaning hello.

Merve: I’m a Jedi.

Burko: Get yer hand off it mate.

“Get your hand off it” is an appeal to the listener to stop saying things that are unlikely to be true.

Nugget: Wake up to yerself Merv. You’ve been away too long. Drongo’s taken it all.

Drongo basically means a foolish or idiotic person.

Merve: Bugger me!

“Bugger me”, used in this context, is an expression of amazement or disbelief.

Burko: Darth Drongo. Trashed all the pubs and racked off with all the amber fluid. No bugger knows why he does it.

A “pub” is a bar, a place to purchase alcoholic beverages.  “Racked off” means to abscond with or steal.  It can also simply mean to leave. “No bugger knows.” ,in this case, bugger refers to a random, unknown person.

Merve: Let’s stop buggerizing around fellas. This bloke’s really startin’ to brown me off.

Blokes are male humans.  Buggerizing around means fooling around or possibly procrastinating.  If you “brown sombody off”, you annoy them in the extreme.

Nugget: I’ll tell ya what, I know these rebel blokes. You mighta rocked up just in time to stick it to Drongo.

Bear: Get out of it ya mongrels!

A mongrel is an undesirable person.

Merve: We’re going in tomorrow mate.

Nugget: We’re gonna need more than you and that thing hangin’ off ya belt to get us in.

Drongo: Mervin Bushwacker. You no-hoper. Look at ya! Hopeless!

A no-hoper is somebody who may lack motivation or display incompetence at things they turn their hand to.

Nugget: She’ll be right mate.

The use of “She’ll (She will) refers to any object or situation that is currently being discussed.

Nugget: You’re a dead-set spunk!

You are very physically attractive.

Bear: He’s gonna take the bolt now, it’s flamin’ over!

Taking the bolt means to flee or run.

Nugget: Aw sweet buggery.

Sweet buggery is an expression of (in Nugget’s case) extreme wonderment or joy.  It can also mean the opposite if referring to a negative situation.

Merve: It’s cold, it’s frosty, it’s beautiful!

Merve: Stop this madness now ya boofheads!

A boofhead is a fool or imbecile.

Merve: I have had a bloody gutful!

To have had a “bloody gutful” means you have reached the very limits of your patiences or endurance.  You are unable to tolerate a situation or person any more.

Bear: So what do ya reckon?

I would like your opinion on the matter we are currently discussing

Merve: Aw yeah…

I feel positively about whatever it is we are currently discussing.