The wait is over. After 10 long years, Star Wars Downunder, directed by Michael Cox, is finally online!

Since August, the trailer has been online and has generated a lot of interest. It was picked up by many and varied websites around the world. The film was also featured on several Australian Television stations, which included interviews with Michael and Bryan on all things Star Wars Downunder.

The film has been finished for a few months and has been seen on the big screen in Brisbane for various charity screenings and film festivals. The highlight of which was the world premiere at Palace Barracks, where a sold out house, laughed and cried along with Merve Bushwacker and friends, all the while raising money for charity.

We have also  received many requests for other screenings to take place around the world. If anyone else is interested in screening the film, feel free to download it from Vimeo, or get it touch for a better quality version.

This project started as an entry into the Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards where we thought we would simply enter the competition and then get on with our lives. On completion of the film 10 year later, it was disappointing to discover that the competition no longer existed. However, the internet is now a vastly different place to when we first started and the audience that can now be reached far exceeds what would have been possible back then.

Finally, we would like to thank all those involved, be they actor, extra or smoke machine operator.