Star wars Downunder made extensive use of stunt work throughout the production. Stunt coordinator Dirk Fougler, brought together a team of stunties to greatly enhance the three major action set pieces in the film. The attack on the Brown Mullet, the rebel camp, and the storming of Dunny’s Deep, featured the intrepid stuntmen, leaping, tumbling and falling in spectacular displays of acrobatic prowess. The rebel camp scene, where a pack of vicious Unyips attack the plucky rebels, involved the most complicated of stunt setups. Various pulley systems were rigged amongst the trees to assist the stunt men in flying through the air to emulate the powerful attack of an Unyip.

Cut Scene

While most of the footage was used to maximum effect in the finished film, one small scene which featured perhaps the boldest stunt of all, was left on the cutting room floor. The scene in question takes place during the night time attack on the rebel camp and featured a group of rebels flipping spectacularly into a ravine and culminates in a daring fall from a great height by stunt coordinator Dirk Fougler himself. The whole sequence was shot day for night, as it was thought shooting some of this stuff at night might be a bit too dangerous. Due to the amount of low angles in the sequence, grading the blown out day time sky’s to look like night proved too difficult and consequently did not match the rest of the sequence which was actually shot at night. Here for the first time is the sequence.