Star Wars Downunder Fan Film Script

Eager to make a Star Wars Fan Film for many years, Bryan and Michael’s primary motivation was two fold. One, to find a concept that thought would add a new angle to the fan film genre and two, try to have production values at a level yet unseen in the fan film world.

Bryan and Michael’s initial spark for the idea came when, after seeing a snippet of Quigly Down Under on midday TV, posed the question: Can you imagine how awful and cheesy it would be if someone decided to do something similar for Star Wars? And with that, the pair decided to find out for themselves.

With this throwaway idea in place, Bryan and Michael thought that simply making a 2 minute trailer would be enough to do justice to this wafer thin concept. As the pair hammered out the treatment for this trailer, they began to see potential in a fifteen minute exploration of one man’s quest for a drink. Some weeks later, a first draft was completed. After realising that the script was a little too epic in scope, a second more modest draft was written.